Ninja Style: Worlds Behind the Burka, and more…

Making movies is hard work, and the experience I’ve been having over the last one and a half months of working on this movie has been intense, tough but beautiful. Firstly I’m doing everything on my own – from production to directing, to filming, sound, editing, translating, etc. I now understand why it’s good to have a good team.

Normally it’s quiet hard for a foreigner to get close to Zanzibari woman. It has been really special to suddenly get into their lives and see things from inside the door. Firstly I asked one of my characters, Sofia what she does when she finished school. She said “I go home, do homework, help my mother with cooking and pray”. At first I was surprised and had to laugh because I thought she was just telling me what I expected to hear from her. After visiting her house several times, I found out it is true. She is an extremely lively and lovely girl. I have finished the filming process and now it’s time for the editing room.

I’m approaching the last month of this trip, and I’m exited and happy about the past, present and future. It feels like it’s time for new doors to open and for a new journey to be taken.

Just decided I might go to Sudan for 2 weeks before heading back to Amsterdam…soo exited.


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