Ninja Style, Faces Behind The Burqa

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January 31, 2012 · 2:33 pm

Ninja Style, Faces Behind The Burqa.

Trailer of a short documentary I made recently.

The Muslim Burqa has become a sensitive topic in EU. This film is a portrait of young women who wear the Burqa. We meet their eyes, get to know them as women, humans, Africans and world citizens. What are their stories? Are they just like you and me?

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Art expo ^ august 2011, Amsterdam

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Back in Amsterdam

Life in Amsterdam is taking me to places I nearly forgot are so great to be in. After 1,5 year living and working on the African conitnent Im back to the basics.

Mostly Im enjoying my friends, family, concerts, culture, fast internet, architecture and the bubbling city with all its artist and beautiful people.

My last days in Tanzania were great. I finished the edit for Lovins Kuvuma “Child of Ramadan” which was shown at the anual ZIFF 2012 (Zanzibar International Film Festival). I was lucky because the movie I edited was screened at the same day before her movie. My first back to back screening and it was located at the main stage at the old fort. Since the first vice president was their to see his documantry “Journey To The State House-Life of Maliem Seif” it was packed and the croud was very enthousiastic to see the movie.

For me it was a special moment to finish this journey with this screening. I could also really see improvement in my own work. The next day I took the plane back to Holland.

My first own documantery Ninja Style “Face Behind The Burka” is about to finish. At the moment Im preparing the footage for a sound ingenair. Mathona from the DCMA (Dhow Country Music Acedemy) made a soundtrack for my movie which Im really exited about.

Back in Holland I focussed the first 1,5 month on settling down and to see my close ones again and enjoy the advantages to life in a city like Amsterdam. Im really proud and happy too see my friends and collegues making such a great progress in Life and still staying with themselfs and their dreams. Which means they are happy and very blessed in life.

At the moment Im looking for work in the film industry here. I want to keep focusing on smaller documenting projects and documantry’s. My main aim is to become better in filmmaking, to get more experience and keep on giving and sharing the beautifull and some times though stories which are out there.

I don’t have anyof my new works online but they will come soon.

Have great day


much love from Me in Amsterdam

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Ninja Style: Worlds Behind the Burka, and more…

Making movies is hard work, and the experience I’ve been having over the last one and a half months of working on this movie has been intense, tough but beautiful. Firstly I’m doing everything on my own – from production to directing, to filming, sound, editing, translating, etc. I now understand why it’s good to have a good team.

Normally it’s quiet hard for a foreigner to get close to Zanzibari woman. It has been really special to suddenly get into their lives and see things from inside the door. Firstly I asked one of my characters, Sofia what she does when she finished school. She said “I go home, do homework, help my mother with cooking and pray”. At first I was surprised and had to laugh because I thought she was just telling me what I expected to hear from her. After visiting her house several times, I found out it is true. She is an extremely lively and lovely girl. I have finished the filming process and now it’s time for the editing room.

I’m approaching the last month of this trip, and I’m exited and happy about the past, present and future. It feels like it’s time for new doors to open and for a new journey to be taken.

Just decided I might go to Sudan for 2 weeks before heading back to Amsterdam…soo exited.

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Zanzibar- Freelancing Again

After 4 months of working in an office, editing several movies, I decided to make 1 movie for myself before heading back to Holland. The movie is called NINJA STYLE:  Fashion Behind the Burka. I have started the research and Saturday the 9th of April I will start shooting.  Im really exited about this movie.

Besides the movie, I will do various freelance work. Last week I made my first video clip In Dar es Salaam for Congolese artist, Junior Gringo with his song Safari. This will be broadcasted on Tanzanian TV from this week on.

During the company work I edited a movie about Maalim Seif the opposition leader her in Zanzibar. I finished my work with editing the Sauti za Busara 2011 highlight video.

I have been learning a lot this year so I hope my movies will get better and better.


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Zanzibar–company work

I’ve been sillence for a while but it doesn’t mean I’ve not been working. The opposite is happening actually.

Since my arrival in tanzania on the 17th of October life moved fast for me. After 1 day I was send to Sadaani National park to make a follow up of the clips that I shot last march for the eco-lodge being build by SANA  (Saving Africa’s Nature). After a few days in paradise I went back to the city. I started to edit and ZG-FILMS a film company in Zanzibar approached me to work for them. Since then I have been working and living full time in Zanzibar. Basically focussing a lot on editing these days. As we speaking im checking out material for the Sauti za Busara promotion video. Im about to finish and edit of a documentary movie on a political leader her in Zanzibar and started spotting tape’s of the Hadza tribe living in Northen Tanzania.

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In between time…!!!

Since my arrival in Mozambique I have been job hunting and exploring the country. I really enjoy my time in Mozambique but unfortunately didn’t find any jobs. For sure I got a lot of inspiration and I’am meeting up with beautiful people but it isn’t enough to pay the bills. So I have to make a move soon. My next stop will be back in Tanzania. “my African mother land” 😉

In Between I made a clip for a band in Mozambique called: Cheny Wa Gune Quarteto they play a mix of traditional and modern music and were playing LIVE in Maputo, Mozambique 2010.

As a crazy extra there was still some material on my camera which I shot during the football game of Holland-Brasil in South Africa during the world-cup. I didn’t bought a ticket in advance and was already on my way to Cape town by cycle but the day before the game some Brazilians came and they gave me a lift to Port Elisabeth 400KM from where I was staying. I was extremely exited to be there and got to buy a last minute ticket. Just see and enjoy!!!

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Maputo, Mozambique

When I was on my way to Maputo I heard about the riots going on in the City. The prices of water, electricity & bread where about to rise with 30 %. Of course the salary’s where not rising with these prices, for many people it would be a harder struggle to survive every day.  The riots got some effects and the the politicians answered by lowering the price rising.

Since I arrived in Maputo 1,5 week ago things has been peace full.  Actually the city become’s better everyday “for me”. There so many nice people and a lot of cultural activities going on…which I love. At the moment there is a documentary festival, next week a dance festival etc.

Still many things and places to explore…..

Hopefully I can start some new video work soon.

Here a small clip made in the Wild Coast of South Africa.

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South Africa

After the worldcup I was in Cape town, South Africa fresh and ready to focus on work again. I was finally made a movie for Young in Prison (YIP) see. Unfortunately I can not publish the movie because of internal reasons.

I arrived in Johannesburg this morning and I’m uploading some movies and preparing my trip to Mozambique. The last month I was in the Wild Coast ” Transkei” where I worked for a community organisation called Transcape. They have many interesting projects in the field of education, sports, health, micro-finance etc.

The beauty of the nature is overwhelming the coastline still pure and relatively untouched.  When you go for a walk you rarely see people around. The dolphins and whales jump out of the sea nearly every day. The area is peaceful and still rather traditional ” mud huts, with grass roofs” cooking on wood etc but poor.

I made 3 short movie for the organisation:

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